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We All Count is Datassist’s project on Equity and Ethics in Data Science. Visit our microsite here for all the goodies.

Ethics in data science must be included in every stage of the data product life cycle.

We’ve been working with data for decades. And over the years, I’ve found myself increasingly uncomfortable with the way it’s used, taught, collected, and communicated. Inequity and bias in data science are everywhere.

Data science gives us the ability to achieve change at an unprecedented scale and pace. But it’s not without problems. The capital-S part of data ‘Science’ offers the impression the numbers we work with are objective; without bias. And data experts’ use of confusing jargon in place of regular, easy to understand phrasing doesn’t help.

But the problem is fixable.

For all the details and to get involved visit the project here.

We All Count - a project for equity in data

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