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This week I’m attending the three-day Canadian Visual Analytics School (CANVAS).  CANVAS 2015 is the fourth annual summer school on data and visual analytics, and scientific visualization.

The focus is on “sorting through the noise” of big data, the billions of digital footprints left online by visitors, users, buyers, as well as machine generated and streaming data.  Students, data scientists, non-profit workers and leaders, data journalists, business and industry professionals, and others are participating in these interactive workshops to more effectively identify trends, benchmarks, and linkages relevant to their work and clients.

I’ll be attending lots of the hands-on workshops and lectures. (Be sure to follow me on Twitter!)  One of the people I’m excited to meet is Ann K. Emery (@AnnKEmery), who does consulting and data visualization. One of the things Ann and I really have in common is aiming to empower NGOs to create what works for them and their audiences, using tools they can easily afford and use.

An example of the great material Ann provides is her website full of tutorials and videos on how to make better visuals with Excel.  I really like this, since Excel often gets a bad rap from data viz professionals – but it’s really affordable and user-friendly. And Excel can make good stuff if you know how to use it!

[dismissable_alert class=”alert-info” ]Follow me, as I learn from these visualization experts this week. Through resources like CANVAS 2015, Datassist is consistently providing real-world answers to unique data-based questions, and turns data into stories and pictures people talk about.

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