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Now that you’ve made it through your data literacy education with Datassist, and have seen how essential data is to making decisions, you’re ready for tools to refine your approach and to start playing with ways to present data effectively.

…And this is where the fun really begins.

The data behind analytics and visualizations is continuing to become more diverse and complex, yet those working with the data need the tools to explore, analyze, and report the data themselves.

Several recent releases are making this possible.

  1. The release of the Trifacta data wrangler 

    Trifacta WranglerThis is a new innovative and interactive tool for dealing with diverse data types. Trifacta moves data wrangling outside the sole purview of the IT department, and provides a more efficient and intuitive approach, empowering interactive data exploration and visualization. Trifacta’s goal is to empower data analysts to be “self-service”, have flexibility, agility, and efficiency beyond Excel and building one-off python scripts or leveraging mapping-based ETL products. Trifacta provides interactive visual representations of the data, enabling easy manipulation of the data and every interaction leads to a prediction, with ranked suggestions by Trifacta.

  1. The release of Tableau’s Vizable 

    Vizable Tableau 1This new mobile data visualizer and sharer app is now available in the Apple iTunes store in English. Vizable is another tool that puts sophisticated analytics capabilities at users’ fingertips. It lets you explore data through a built-in animation engine by pinching, swiping and dragging on your tablet to see how each data manipulation causes the next result–or not. New graphs or charts can also be displayed immediately, without the view of what led to the result. Tableau’s goal was to build a tool that “is as simple as using a pencil”.   And when you are done, visualizations can be immediately emailed or shared via text message and social media from within the app.

  1. The release of a very good new book on storytelling with data, 

Storytelling with Data book coverContinuously refining your approach to visually presenting your data is what this book (and storytelling with data website) are all about.

As you know, study after study has found that retention jumps significantly, from as much as 10% to 65%, when verbal information is paired with visual communications. The lessons in this book by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic provide fundamentals of data visualization and how to communicate effectively with data through real world examples for immediate application.

We want to empower you with the possibilities of data and data visualization. To this end, Datassist has pulled together additional tips and resources on data visualization in other articles for you, including A Free Guide to Visual Reporting Best Practices.

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