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Most of you have probably noticed that, for the last few weeks, we’ve been promoting another data education opportunity — our Crafting Data Stories course at the Knight Centre. There are some big changes coming up here, and we’d like to take a moment to say something to all our readers:

Thanks to our readers and subscribers from around the world!

We’re so happy you’re part of our community.

The Datassist community continues to grow, and we couldn’t be prouder. So many of you want to use data to tell your stories, impact the world, and bring about positive change more effectively.

You’re journalists, national and local governments, nonprofit organizations and donors. And we’re honoured to call you partners.

As we’ve gotten to know you more deeply, we’ve come to better understand what you need. And we’re working to ensure we deliver it.

Our Goal: Equity in Data

One of our driving passions at Datassist is equity in data. Both in how data is used to measure and make decisions, and also in how data skills are taught and made accessible.

Every week, we receive more and more requests for data workshops and courses. Registration for data education opportunities we offer is climbing.

We’re finding that our hands-on, step-by-step courses are providing data education to people who otherwise wouldn’t have exposure to high-end data training. This is incredibly exciting. And it makes us want to offer more, so an even greater number of people can gain new skills and go on to use data in new ways.

So we’re shifting our resources a bit.

For the next little while, we’ll be posting one new blog post a week instead of two. The resources we save there will go towards producing more online and in-person data education opportunities. Of course, courses and workshops take a bit longer to develop than blog posts, so you may not see us quite as much for a while. But we’re still here.

Have a Data Education Request?

We have a list of course and workshop requests we’re working through, but you can never have too many ideas. If you’ve got a data education idea you’d like to see happen, let us know. Webinars? We’re there. Online courses? Check. In person workshops? We’ll do our best to make it happen.

Our focus on data education doesn’t mean we’re going to neglect our partners. If you’d like our team to help with your project, drop us a line.

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