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It’s summer and Datassist is heading out for a few weeks of (we feel) well-deserved summer holidays. Some of us are going to the beach. Some of us are going to the desert. (And some of us are smart enough to stay inside and enjoy conveniences like air conditioning.)

Oh no! You’re all on vacation? Where will I get my Datablog fix?

Don’t worry, the blog will still publish on schedule. We put in a little extra time before now to make sure we could still offer you great content every week. That said, a lot of you are probably going on vacations (or staycations) in the next little while too. So we’re keeping things a little lighter. (There will also not be an August newsletter.) First on vacation to-do list: how to pack like a data nerd.


How Do You Pack Like a Data Nerd?

When I say pack like a data nerd, I’m not talking about loading up your suitcase with statistic books or lugging your laptop around so you can update spreadsheets poolside.

Our good friend Carrie Smith turned to data to determine how to pack for her stint at Burning Man. Depending on how you choose to spend your vacation, there can be more to figuring out how much to pack than just counting the days you’ll be away. How many changes of clothes do you need each day? Will you have access to laundry?

Carrie got technical. She created a table to help determine the optimum number of pairs of underwear to bring on a trip. Her work ensures you come home wearing your last clean pair. (And even offers an underwear margin of error if you want to get really into packing like a data nerd.)

If you pack like a data nerd, you’ll never run out of clean underwear, or end up lugging around more than you need.



Stay Tuned for More Data Beach Reads

Upcoming posts will cover food, fashion, and more from a statistical perspective so you can stay in a data frame of mind while you enjoy your summer holidays.

Datassist will be back to our usual schedule of touring, teaching, and writing again in September, and we can’t wait. There are lots of world-changing data stories on our agenda. The Datassist newsletter will also resume publication in September with more tutorials, tips, and tools to help you tell your story with data.

Have a project you’d like our help on? Want to know more about a specific topic? We are still checking our email (although maybe a little less frequently than normal). Drop us a line anytime to discuss your data needs.


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