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The survey results from 1,535 nonprofits for the 5th annual Nonprofit Communications Report, published by the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, show that for the first time donor retention is ahead of donor acquisition as a major communications goal. You can see the results visualized in the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Infographic.

This 2014 survey covers what is typical in nonprofit communications, including methods, tools, objectives, and leadership, as well as what will be most exciting and challenging about 2015 with respect to nonprofit communications. Most findings are not surprising, including that the biggest challenges remain lack of time and budget, and that the most important communications tools are also the most time-consuming, including websites, email marketing, traditional social media, in-person events, print marketing, and media relations or PR.

The main takeaway from this report is that, just as with for-profits, research and data are the basis for long-term donor/customer relationships.

As Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE explained, “Learn everything you can about your supporters. It will make it much easier for you to provide them with the value they desire and/or need.”

This starts with segmenting and characterizing your donors as precisely as possible, along with setting up ongoing donor-intelligence systems to collect and analyze donor information, which is then made accessible throughout the organization. Keep in mind, just as with any customer, satisfying the need to be understood, to feel important and worthwhile, lies at the heart of any donor retention program. Understanding begins with information.

If you’d like to explore how some major nonprofits have collected, used, and reported data in ways that might be relevant to your organization, contact Datassist.

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