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As I said in an earlier post this year,  I see data as warm and fuzzy as well as cold and hard, and I incorporate data into my work and play not only for the learning and new opportunities, but also because of the beauty and understanding behind the data and in the visuals. This includes gaining a better understanding of personal relationships, influences on societies and creative individuals such as musicians and artists. It’s fun looking at data to explore what makes us better in our place in the world.

Last year I shared what I discovered about family relationships on FiveThirtyEight,  from caring for grown children, to new babies, to holiday traditions. had an absolutely stunning interactive “bar chart” this month of how some of the world’s most original artists, writers and musicians structure their day. This beautiful data viz makes me feel happy that you can get lots of sleep and still be a creative genius.

Speaking of musicians, in some recent tweets, News provided some beautiful viz compiling the influence of songs and singers, including “The Lou Reed Effect” by Antonia Farach, and the top 2000 equalizer bar chart by NBremer. This bar chart does a great job of adding feeling through color to a simple bar chart of the top 2000 best songs ever made by their year of release, according to the hundreds of thousands of Dutch votes at the end of 2014 in the Dutch Top 2000.

And finally, there was the discussion of Happy Maps by Daniele Quercia the end of last year in Berlin for TED Talks. I firmly believe that data visualization should be designed to not only be about what “right” or “most efficient” but also about what makes us the most happy. This is a great little piece on maps that take happiness into account.

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