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We’re Fortunate To Have Worked With Some
Great Projects And Even Better People.

Dr. Marilyn Dumaresq
Dr. Marilyn Dumaresq
Principal, The Osborne Group
“Datassist Really Understands How To Measure Collective Impact And In My Business That's Crucial. I Work For Child Welfare, Children's Mental Health, And Services For People With Developmental Disability. The Real Question That People What To Know Is, Are We Making A Difference For Children Overall? If Not, Is My Service Doing What It's Supposed To Do? So, The Important Questions Have To Be Measured With Cumulative Strategies And Datassist Knows How To Do That.”
Christian Pennotti
Christian Pennotti
Senior Technical Advisor Learning and Impact CARE USA
“Datassist Asks Questions That A Traditional M&E System Could Never Allow Me To...Both The Work And The Funding To Do Those Studies Was Rarely Available And When It Was, It Was A Huge Piece Of Work. Datassist Makes That Easy. And They Make Us Look Very Very Good.”
Dr. Neal Rothleder
Dr. Neal Rothleder
Chief Technology Officer, Orb
“I Don't Think We Could Easily Replace The Broader Knowledge Datassist Provides. Heather In Particular Is Supremely Knowledgeable, Extremely Adept At Finding Related Work, And Other Experts. Datassist Very Rapidly Turns Around And Starts Working, Not Waiting To Be Handed A Data Set. They Are Curators Of Knowledge”
Dr. Leah Vosko
Dr. Leah Vosko
Canada Research Chair In Feminist Political Economy
“Heather Was A Strong Support In The Data Analysis Of A Complex Dataset That Required Both In-Depth Methodological And Conceptual Understanding. Her Unique Combination Of Scientific Training And Creative Thinking Offered Solutions To Our Project That Were Exceptional. Her Ability To Complete Projects With Mathematical Rigor And Then Communicate Those Results In Terms That Are Meaningful To The Stakeholders Is Outstanding.”

“Analyzing Data, Understanding Problems, And Creatively Playing With The Datasets Are Helping Me Learn About The World Of Data Analysis And Communication….Heather Is One Of My Favourite People, Smart, Professional, Creative, Articulate. An Amazing Combination Of An Analytical Mind With A Gift For Understanding The Importance Of Communicating Findings Effectively.”

Dr. Kevin McKague

Schulich School Of Business York University

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