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Heather Krause

P.Stat, Founder and Principal Data Scientist

Heather was working for a hedge fund when she met Tofique, I young man from Bangladesh at a friend’s house. Tofique was trying to analyze the most complicated data Heather had ever seen in order to understand how to help women in rural Bangladesh get better milk from their cows. The complexity of this data and the varied and vital questions it could address opened Heather’s eyes to the need for high quality rigorous data science in the non-profit sector. Within two days, Heather had quit her other work and founded Datassist. Over a decade later, she still is passionate about supporting data literacy and advanced analysis in the non-profit, public policy and data journalism sectors. She is also a fine tea and gin connoisseur and almost always has a glass of one or the other close at hand.


Dr. Georges Monette

Senior Statistician

Georges has been developing interesting new methods in data analysis for decades. He’s a founding member of the York Statistical Consulting Services as well as the Summer Program in Data Analysis. He’s passionate about making sure your data is used the answer the questions that are important to you. His specialty is causal inference from observational data. When he’s not at his computer he can be found at the dog park watching his puppy and reading the New Yorker.

Irene Powell

Irene Powell, Communications Director

Irene is passionate about using her talents with communication to make a difference in the world. She came to Datassist after honing her skills in the tech sector and is happy to be writing about something other than cloud computing. Irene lives in Toronto and enjoys public transit, a good whisky, and exploring.


Amy Childs

Project and People Manager

Amy Childs’s deeply-held commitment to a better world has led her to engage in many arenas, on both a personal and professional level. She has been a volunteer activist for The Hunger Project, raising money for the end of world hunger through the empowerment of women, and for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) working with abused and neglected children in Philadelphia.  In her lifelong quest to discover what it is to be human, Amy has many times found herself questioning what “everyone knows,” and brings this question frequently to the Datassist work.  She is essential in keeping our projects and people on the right track.


Maggie Faber

Data Wrangler and Data Visualization Specialist

When Maggie isn’t working as the Data Wrangler at Datassist, she’s the Data Visualization and Analysis Librarian at the University of Washington. She frequently works with Tableau to make complex information more accessible and to help turn data into understanding. She’s worked as a journals editor and as the business manager for a small independent press. After moving towards librarianship and nonprofits, she found herself addicted to the more subjective questions surrounding data practices: data ethics, data and visualization literacy, and digital humanities.


John Jacko

Senior Analyst and GIS mapper

John is a geographer with an emphasis on GIS research and the social determinants of health. His strengths include multi-platform delivery and capacity building in monitoring and evaluation both in organizations and within public forums. When he’s not looking at maps, John can be found playing with his twin sons, and watching cricket.


Anne Murigi

Researcher and Policy Analyst

Anne has extensive experience writing policy briefs for developing world projects including Uganda, Zambia and Panama. She is also a skilled translator from statistical results to public narrative that makes sense to those who need to use the results in the real world. Anne enjoys camping, renovating her house, and adventure travel.


Hans Krause

Head of Design

Hans is a designer and digital artist with a strong belief in the power of the extraordinary which compels him to be constantly searching for unusual and visually creative ways to tell stories. Living at the intersection of graphic design, information visualization, improvisational performance, maker technologies and old-school sensibilities, Hans is uniquely positioned to help us communicate complex data to a diversity of stakeholders. When he’s not making us laugh and cry in the office, he can be found on stage with Prom King Comedy.


Jessica Sleeth


Jessica is passionate about supporting all elements of a project to their completion in order to create quality work. Primarily interested in arts administration and management, she joined the Datassist in order to collaborate with like-minded people in the creative and practical communication of research. When you like our social media feeds, you’re enjoying her work. Jess has a lifelong love of pigs and Amy Poehler.