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Data Science For Nonprofits And Data Journalists

Data Visuals And Infographics: One Part Art, One Part Science, And A Whole Lot Of Passion.

Your Story Will Capture People’s Hearts And Their Minds.

You have important stories to tell. Your hard work and the results it generates need to be seen. Infographics are one of the most effective communication tools out there but they need to be done right.

There are a lot of infographics out there right now. But most of them are of poor quality and do not actually use or display data properly. Going viral isn’t key if your most important stakeholders and donors don’t see the story. Our infographics are different because we work deeply with data and have years of technical and artistic training in how to visualize the results of complex analysis. We tell stories that wish to be told – stories that need to be told.

The most meaningful change begins with data.

We Do Impactful, Creative Research And M&E.

Use Your Data To Create Tools That Empower You To Tell Your Impact Story And Support The Change You’re Creating In The World.

You need meaningful answers to important questions – not obvious answers to run of the mill questions.

We’ll support you to tell your most important stories with your data.
We work with people who are leading complex research and policy initiatives and need some research support they can count on
Helping donors understand their impact through the projects and organizations they fund.

Data Journalism: Stories That Matter Through Data. Stories That Need To Be Told.

Data has become a valuable commodity in the world, and helping further the efforts of change through data storytelling is our mission. We’ll work together with you and your data to tell your story, spending time to make sure you understand how to continue sharing your story with the world – because great work should be shared, and everyone loves a great story.

We work with journalists who have an exciting piece of data and a promising story idea and need some help getting the data into publishable shape

We’re Fortunate To Have Worked With Some Great Brands And Even Better People.

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